Louis Stanislaw’s book, Voices From the Heart 

Contains over 30 essays from different authors, with an Introduction By Susan Axelrod of CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy).

Louis Stanislaw is an accomplished filmmaker, who produced the documentary On The Edge (OTE) that was distributed nation- and worldwide by public television (PBS) in November 2016, which is National Epilepsy Awareness Month.   He is unique illustrator and editor with a rare sensitivity to the complicated challenges of living with epilepsy, as evidenced in his book, Voices From the Heart (VFH).  Louis has created an illustration for each essay, all of them in the same style and spirit, amusing and thought provoking.

The price of the book is $40 and the price of the documentary is $20.  Shipping and handling charged separately.  Volume discounts are available for educational purposes, so please contact Howard McClintic, Executive Director of the CTC Foundation at McclintH@ctc.com or 202 689 4586.

Louis Stanislaw

Lifting the veil on epilepsy

Seizures have been a challenge my entire life. Sometimes they cloud my thinking, and I must take the time to relax and think more clearly. Expressing myself is also a great challenge, and I often struggle to find the right words to use. Yet, if I push myself very hard, I will begin to think more clearly and express myself more easily. Many people with epilepsy share these same difficulties every single day.

The seizure-driven loneliness and isolation I have felt for years began with a lot of memories when I was much younger going to school and trying to find friends. Making friends was never easy for me and the fear of having a seizure made it even worse. Since very few people knew about my epilepsy, when I did have a seizure at school, I felt isolated and hurt by some of my classmates’ reaction. So I never wanted to talk about it with anyone outside my family until I went to college, where I made a few good friends. When I did confide in them, and they accepted me just as I am, I felt an enormous sense of relief.  After I graduated from college, I felt inspired to speak out and to make a documentary film about my illness, “On The Edge, Living With Epilepsy.” My aim in the film was education, to help inform the public —8— —9— Voices from the Heart Louis Stanislaw about the many misperceptions that surround Epilepsy

~Louis Stanislaw

“Voices from the Heart will inspire, stretch and move you in your own life as you touch in these pages the courage and conviction of people with epilepsy and their families. Many of us struggle with the reality that we live in a world beyond our control, and we can learn profound lessons about our own lives from people who live and work with this reality every day.”

—Ronald Heifetz, author and founder of The Center for Public Leadership, at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

“This riveting set of illustrated vignettes drives deep into the soul of epilepsy. The range of moving stories and unvarnished emotions will inspire awe, appreciation and admiration for all who had the courage to share.”

—Howard K Koh MD MPH, U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health and Harvey V. Fineberg Professor of Public Health Leadership, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

“We teach through story, and most often the quietest voices—the stories and experiences of struggle shared from the shadows of existence—are the most compelling and important for us to hear. Louis Stanislaw and the personal stories shared in Voices From the Heart: Lifting the Veil on Epilepsy are a gift to our understanding of epilepsy and the human experience.”

—Dr. Timothy M. Johnson, Head of School, Pingree School, Hamilton, Massachusetts

“It is shocking that in 2016 people with epilepsy continue to experience stigma and discrimination. Louis Stanislaw’s Voices from the Heart is an important public education initiative that will open minds and attitudes. It will bring tears to your eyes, warm your soul, and of course, touch your heart.”

—Rozalyn Werner-Arcé, CAE, former Executive Director, Epilepsy Ontario, and currently Executive Director, Therapeutic Recreation Ontario, based in Toronto.